5 Reasons The Government Should Not Pay For College

  1. FINANCIAL: Nothing is “Free.” That free education costs millions of dollars. Throwing more money at problems is one of the reasons that our country owes hundreds of trillions of dollars (including unfunded liabilities).
  2. PRACTICAL: Studies show that public high schools are not preparing students for college. Why should we give away more “free” education when the “free” education we have isn’t even working.
  3. VOCATIONAL: There is a reason that millennials are bouncing back and forth between careers and then going back to school later in life once they’ve discovered their passion. Pushing college off a few years to allow for some “real world” experience might be just what the doctor ordered. Countless students are spending 2-10 years studying for careers that they will ultimately have no interest in. This often equates to tens (or hundreds) of thousands of dollars of wasted education (per student) and years of someone’s life. Not only would the real world experience help them hone in on their desired vocations, but it also creates a legitimate work ethic, practical understanding of budgeting, and life skills prior to paying for more theory-based education.
  4. PSYCHOLOGICAL: Experience and studies suggest that people don’t value that which is free. Easy come, easy go. Students who pay their own way often take the pursuit more seriously. As a student, a professor, and a millennial, I can attest to the fact that for students to care enough to be successful in their schooling, there often needs to be a degree of financial buy-in.
  5. IDEOLOGICAL: Public schools have become a breeding ground for liberal propaganda. Students are leaving high school totally unprepared for the real world or college. Then they get to college and become further indoctrinated with liberalism – without the critical thinking skills needed to see through the bias and idealism. 

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