“It’s Okay To Be Racist”

  • The title is not my opinion. In fact, I firmly disagree with it. Read on for context.
  • I had not planned on writing this and so there may be spelling/grammar errors. Didn’t even have time to read back through it. My apologies.

Yesterday was July 4, 2016. When I awoke, the number two trending hashtag was #AmericaWasNeverGreat. Let me be clear. I am well aware of the atrocities committed by the USA. I am aware of our steady decline on the national stage. I have devoted my life and my ministry to righting many of these wrongs. However, I am also aware of how blessed I am to live in a country like the USA. I am blessed to live in a country where I don’t have to be afraid of a wild animal attack at night. I don’t have to worry about disease or having no food like I would in many other countries. I don’t have to worry about someone coming and harming my family with no repercussion. I don’t really have to worry about the government controlling what I say or who I worship (at least not yet). I am grateful for America. I am grateful for the countless lives that fought to achieve this level of freedom and the hundreds of thousands that have died defending it. I am grateful for the charities that help the unfortunate, for the churches that serve their communities, and for the individuals who try to love their neighbor as themselves.

This is not the first time that I have heard Anti-American rhetoric on Twitter. It’s becoming increasingly commonplace. People focus on the travesties of the past, the extremely reduced travesties of  the present, and they HATE America. It’s getting old. No solutions are offered. No positive conversation about how to make things better. Just complaining layered on complaining. So I responded: “Of course is trending on July 4th this year. What an ungrateful, ignorant time we are living in. I for one am grateful.”

The post made a bit of a splash and I became the target of many of the complainers complaints. I was saddened by what I found to be an apparently increasingly popular series of trends. Without further ado, here are the five things that I learned from yesterday’s responses.

1. Minorities Don’t Have Equal Rights

“Not everyone is free in America.”

You’re greatful because you’re a white male WITH privilege.”

“America is great if you are a straight white male.”

“Says a white man”

“It all depends on race… js ?”

“lol that’s because your white Hun, just in case you ain’t know. Show some respect for your history!”

“You’re a straight white man. Of course you think it was great, this entire country was made for YOU.

ice cream hoe.”

“of course you’re grateful lmfao you’re white”

“but look at you”

“It IS great, if you’re white.”

2. It’s okay to make racist remarks (as long as it’s against whites)

*See above comments”

Angry white ignorant person”

And my personal favorite: “you look like the antagonist in Lifetime films Look like a mozzarella stick hangin outta bowl of milk get yo a** on”

3. There is no such thing as racism against white people

“You can’t be racist to white people but okay guy.”


“definition of racism is one race believing they’re superior over the other. Only white ppl do that. Lol”

*I even took a poll and 15% of people agreed that you can’t be racist against whites.

4. I am an ignorant ho* who should “stop” cuz no one asked me (and my name is Tommy?)

“shut up ho*”

“Boy if you don’t stop”

“Shut up Tommy no one asked you”

“Did we ask?”

“nobody asked you”

“Ok but who asked you nobody”

5. Complaining about the negative with no gratefulness about the positive, blaming an entire race for all the problems, and suggesting no solutions is considered healthy criticism in today’s generation.

“Id call it healthy self-criticism, not ungratefulness.”

NEWS FLASH… You are wrong. For starters there is ZERO SELF-criticism. America is treated as a repressive jail cell and everyone else is to blame. There is no intellectual critique of one’s own actions going on here. It is a whine fest. And it is ungrateful. There is much to be fixed and much to be remedied. But there is much to be celebrated. These complaints are entirely one-sided – ALL NEGATIVE. Perhaps showing you what healthy self-criticism would look like may be of some service. So in my final words I will share with you what that looks like by sharing my brief opinion of the USA.

Healthy Self-Criticism (not ungratefulness)

We, as a country, were founded during a time when people were treated as commodities. Certain races were deemed less valuable than others. As such, much of this country was originally built on violence and abuse of people. These problems were not and are not American problems. They are people problems that have, throughout history and still to this day, exist around the globe. That doesn’t make it right. All racism, slavery, and abuse of people is a travesty. The United States was one of the first to break free, declare independence, and make strides towards creating a truly equal opportunity for all people regardless of race, color, or creed. We have come an extraordinarily long way, but there is still work to be done. That work should be accomplished together across racial lines. We should not hide from racism of the past, present, or future. But we should not feed it by holding each other hostage from the past. We need to work towards forgiveness and unity. We should be grateful for all of our privileges. Regardless of color, we all benefit from the pains of our forefathers – the slaves, the war veterans, the immigrants who traveled to a new land to build companies and legacies. We should be reverent and grateful for their sacrifices and grateful for what their pains have purchased for us. We should honor them by making the most of our lives, making the most of our relationships, and making the most of our opportunities. And we should do these things together. Our partnership is what makes America great and will make it greater in the future.

  • Rochelle Fritsch
    Posted at 15:11h, 05 July Reply

    Kudos to you for approaching a difficult subject and refraining from responding in-kind to negative responses. Agreed that much work is to be done even as we enjoy blessings. My view is simply this:
    “Prejudice is about attitudes, and God will change the people who want to be changed. Racism is about action. Some actions you let slide and you use the other actions for personal growth, or if they’re grievous enough, you wave the red flag on ’em. Neither one is good, but that’s the reality.”
    More here: http://thelatearrival.blogspot.com/2012/01/racism-prejudice-brothas-from-different.html

  • Lydia Fedorov
    Posted at 07:29h, 22 October Reply

    Wow! We have a lot of work to do!
    I came to the US from West Germany in 1961. The Cold War was in full swing. My parents were Russian, prisoners of war in Nazi Germany. I was born in a refugee camp. You’re so right when you wrote — “They are people problems that have, throughout history and still to this day, exist around the globe. That doesn’t make it right.”

    The US Army liberated my parents; the US Army protected our camp; and an American church sponsored us and gave us hope and a new life in the US!

    No country is perfect, but I am grateful for this country. Experience being a woman in any islamic country. Learn what life is like for children in Asia, Africa, the Middle East. Even the most impoverished family in the US would be considered “wealthy” in many parts of the world.

    Racism, reverse racism and ignorance can only be conquered by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He alone transforms the heart!

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