How to Win The Culture War

The Problem

You may have noticed that Christ is not the center of American priorities these days (Read  SECULAR HUMANISM & THE TYRANT NAMED LIBERTY for more). Moral foundations are being eroded(Read CAN YOU BE GOOD WITHOUT GOD? 5 REASONS MORAL RELATIVISM FAILS for more). Legislation on religious rights are being confused and changed (Read Through Washington’s Eyes for more). The Church is hemorrhaging believers (Read This For More). Despite having access to more information than any other time in history, Church leaders often times terribly educated and the general body is even worse (Read this for more: THE ANTICHRIST COMMISSION: WHY THE CHURCH IS LOSING GENERATIONS). Secular philosophies have become commonplace in the hearts and minds of believers (Read 5 ANTICHRISTIAN LIES YOU PROBABLY BELIEVE & YOLO: THE DOCTRINE OF DEMONS for more). We can’t communicate with one another (Read THE PLOT TO MAKE US IDIOTS for more). We don’t even have the right goals (Read WHY I TRASHED MY BUCKET LIST AND YOU SHOULD TOO &  ONE SIMPLE STEP TO NEVER LOSE AGAIN for more) so we have little hope of “hitting the mark.” Our allegiances are often to ideals (Read CONSERVATIVES AND PROGRESSIVES ARE BOTH WRONG ABOUT THIS for more) and people groups (Read CHRISTIAN PROFESSOR EXPLAINS THE NEED TO ELIMINATE CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVES for more) than to God and His kingdom!

Would The Real Discipler Please Stand Up?

For several decades now certain groups of Christians have begun recognizing that these problems won’t be fixed from a pulpit alone. In the mid 1970s a movement was started around the concept of spheres of influence that shape culture. The Seven Mountains, as they are often called, are seven spheres of influence that shape culture and, in doing so, disciple nations. Make sure you catch that. It is vital that you understand the significance of these influence vehicles. People are in many ways products of their environment. The environment that produces people is created through these spheres of influence (I add an eighth):

* Each Mountain Is Clickable And Links To Topic-Specific Articles. (I am working to make this a one-stop shop for all Seven Mountain education!)

1. Government: Where cultural values manifest in prevention, protection,  or promotion of certain actions.

2. EducationWhere truth or lies are taught.

3. Media: Where current events are interpreted through lenses of truth or deception.

4. Religion:  Where beliefs shape views of the world. 

5. Family: Where fellowship occurs across generations.

6. Arts & EntertainmentWhere values are shaped and celebrated. 

7. Finance & Business: Where resources are leveraged to glorify & promote God’s kingdom or Satan’s kingdom.

8. Health: Where God’s temple/vessels are sustained or destroyed.

*It is helpful to recognize that the seven spheres of influence are simply a guide to help illustrate how culture is shaped. There are areas of influence that fall neatly into multiple mountains and there are some that don’t fit neatly into any of them. Nevertheless, these spheres of influence are vital to understanding how culture is shaped and nations are discipled.

How Has Your Passion Been Stolen?

Somehow God’s people have bought the lie that expression of God should be relegated to the religion mountain and perhaps the family (though even that is being rejected today – many consider it “child abuse” for parents to teach their children a biblical worldview). According to modern secular culture, all religious belief should be private and compartmentalized. This false perspective has been shoved down people’s throats for decades across all of these spheres of influence. Think about it. This is what we are told in media, in school, by the government, by movies and music, and even at times in our local churches.

Even within the church, laity are often treated as second class. If it’s not in a nonprofit ministry, it’s considered secular (I address this lie in greater detail in Ekklesia Rising). It’s presented as second class. These are lies. In regards to the Great Commission(s), I would take the influence of the education system, the movie industry, or the music industry over the influence of every pulpit in the nation! We need biblically literate leaders to begin manifesting God’s will across all of these spheres of influence. This is not some hostile theocratic, dominionist takeover. This is simply God’s people celebrating who God made them to be, doing what God made them to do, where and when He arranged for them to do it.

It’s Not Too Late!

There is, however, good news! God has other plans. He has given His people vision and designed them to influence the world to His glory through these spheres of influenceYou should be free to celebrate the passions and gifts that God has placed within you (Read WHY GOD GAVE YOU THAT BRILLIANT IDEA for more).

WHAT DO YOU THINK? What spheres of influence has God called you to impact for His glory? Leave a comment below and share to get your friends in on the conversation.

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