Chris Townsend spent the first twenty-six years of his life as a purposeless atheist, damaging himself and others through the all-too-common vehicles of sex, drugs, and materialism. But God, Our Redeemer had other plans, setting an unquenchable fire in Chris’ soul and putting Chris through a rapid gauntlet of redemptive kingdom promotion: Baptized in the River Torbeck in January 2011, married to a woman of God(Maranatha) in May 2011, formally educated in ministry beginning in August 2012, and commissioned to minister at colleges and churches beginning in the fall of 2014. Chris now serves as the President of Redeemed Royalty Ministries, an itinerant culture and apologetics ministry. Through Redeemed Royalty, Chris:

  1. travels to churches, colleges, and more to train believers in culture, apologetics, business, theology, etc.,
  2. develops curriculum as a professor of Marketplace, Evangelism, and New Testament Leadership at Christ for the Nations Institute,
  3. acts as the itinerant apologist for,
  4. runs a vibrant social media ministry, which is viewed over 500,000 times monthly, and
  5. is the author of several books, articles, and other media content.

*To learn more about Chris, connect with him on social media and listen to some of his interviews!

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