Conservatives And Progressives Are Both Wrong About This

Conservatism, generally speaking, seeks to conserve traditional values (particularly those that are positive). Progressivism, generally speaking, seeks to progress away from traditional values (particularly those that are negative). Undoubtedly, a perfect balance between conservation and progression would be ideal. However, people tend to lean one way or another, and not just politically. Some people are bent toward taking risk on new ideas, even if it means damaging something that is already working. Others are more comfortable anchoring to what is already working, even if it means hanging on to some things that could use improvement.  This often manifests in fashion, technology, innovation, social theory, etc. There are pros and cons to each general position. By extracting the good and avoiding the bad, a healthy ideal path can be created and maintained. The goal is to be slow enough to avoid causing harm through change, but fast enough to avoid elongating harm through delay. 

Let’s start by considering an oversimplified hypothetical current nation. In this hypothetical nation, let’s say that half of our values are good and half are bad. Insert one fully conservative and one fully progressive legislator. The conservative, fighting to hold onto the current values does an excellent job fighting to protect the fifty percent that are good. The progressive does a good job at changing the values that are bad. However, in the process, the conservative ends up fighting to hold onto the bad values and the progressive ends up moving away from the good values.

This is an extreme hypothetical, but its probably not too far off from what we see in our own nation(s). Of course, conservatives still move on from tradition and progressives don’t change everything. However, there is a constant push and pull between those who are bent toward progress and those who are bent toward protecting existing systems and values. In the process, many conservatives are fighting to hold onto values which are not good and many progressives are fighting to move away from values which are good.

The goal is to rightly apply both conservation of that which is good and progression from that which is harmful. To accomplish this each side must sacrifice some of their natural tendency. Conservatives, as a group, hold onto tradition. However, just because its the old way of doing things doesn’t mean its the right way of doing things. Progressives, on the other hand seek to change things. However, just because its change, doesn’t mean its positive change. So, at times, the conservative must be willing to break away from tradition and the progressive must be willing to slow down change to make sure the change is positive change. Conservatives: just because it’s new doesn’t mean it’s bad. And progressives: just because it’s new or popular doesn’t mean it’s good. We should strive to be conservative regarding those things worth conserving and progressive regarding those things in need of progressing.

The real trick is figuring out what is worthy of conservation and what is worthy of progression. Of course, that requires looking at each issue with a discerning eye, not being swayed by groupthink, and allowing righteous rationality to prevail. And that is the goal of The Daily Rebuke. My background as an extremely left-leaning atheist and my current stance, as a moderately right-leaning Christian, gives me an uncommon understanding of both sides of most arguments. That doesn’t make me correct, but it does often provide a unique balance within issues. I invite you to check out some of the topics that we have already tackled in our first month of blogging. Feel free to comment, start a conversation, etc. But please be kind to one another and earnestly seek truth over validation. Is there another topic that you would like to see addressed? If so, comment below and I’ll see what I can do to make it happen!

WHAT DO YOU THINK? In what ways have we been too conservative and what ways have we been too quick to change? CHALLENGE: Where have you erred toward your tendency? Leave a comment below and share to get your friends in on the conversation.

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