Why You Should “Buy Christian” Whenever Possible

It’s no surprise that people hesitate,  even withdraw, at the sound of a televangelist.  They recoil when another Christian movie comes out. Of course I am not speaking of the emotions of despondent atheists. These are the reactions of many actively engaged, even evangelical, Christians.  Some of these reactions are very understandable, of course.

Have we not done enough to commercialize Christ in the West?  Of course we have!  This raises the question,  “What should we do about it?”  My suggestion: “buy, buy, buy!” Why, you ask? Good question. To answer, let me tell you a story.

Today, I needed a book for a theology class. Locally, I had two choices: Barnes and Noble and Family Christian. I chose to go into Family Christian first.  As I entered, my eyes beheld wall upon wall of Christian paraphernalia – books on the left, CDs and movies straight ahead, posters and art on my right. I found my book and proceeded to the check out line.  While waiting I saw a case with pamphlets for sponsoring children. The cashier was attempting to sell some sort of Bible app to the lady in front of me. When it was my turn I was asked if I wanted to sponsor a soldier. I was completely surrounded by Christian products.

Then I went to Barnes and Noble.  Would you guess what caught my eye almost as soon as I walked in the door? Nikki Minaj’s breasts. Directly to my right,  the cover of Rolling Stone. There she was, braless, and wearing nothing but what looked to be a transparent tank top. I moved on and made my way back to the Christian book section, which was directly adjacent to other philosophies and religions. Then I went back to the counter where I could only look directly at the cashier to avoid another smorgasbord of fleshy sights.

Thinking back to my original stop, I considered to myself, “It sure is easy to judge all the money making Christian products: the books, CDs, movies,  etc.”  Undoubtedly there are fallacies mixed in with the good theologies.  Undoubtedly some of the producers are in it for the wrong reason, but like Paul said, “at least Christ is being preached (Phi 1:18).”

So then I thought to myself, “How glad am I that in the corner of this one shopping mall in my city, there is a place I can walk where literally everything inside is designed around the concept of living a life in Christ?”  I could worry about the nuances within each product,  and the desires of those making them (and sometimes I do), but I’ll tell you what, “I’m glad that I can walk in that store and not have to worry about what my eyes will see or what anti-Christian ideologies I will have to read. I get plenty of that everywhere else.”

To those opposed to this representation of Christ, I ask you this:  “Would you rather this corner be filled with Maxims, Cosmopolitans, Playboys, any number of the best selling movies from last year, or even the books your children are reading in their public high school?” I for one am thankful for this representation of Christ, and I say, “God bless it! I wish it great success!”  May every home begin steadily replacing items with brands born out of a desire to honor God.  And may we, as the Church, God’s people, make every possible effort to spend our dollars, and sow our seeds, with companies and products that do the same!

  • T Goforth
    Posted at 13:01h, 29 April Reply

    Thanks for your article! Put it in a good pespective. Another thing that gets people thinking is to go into a secular bookstore and ask where the Bibles are. I was looking for a Bible at the airport for a young man working at Dunkin Donuts. God had told me to go ask him, “Do you know how much Jesus loves you? He sorta laughed and then said, “No, I’m really serious! And he wants to know you!” I then felt led to get him a Bible, and there was a bookstore right next door. They had lots of self help books, etc., but I could not see any Bibles. I went to ask the man at the counter, who was also the store’s buyer, and asked him if they had any Bibles. He said they had had one, but a lady kept coming in to read it and it was all dog eared. There were none left. I smiled and said it sounded like he needed some bibles in the store! He agreed and said he wild put that on he order sheet. I then found and bought Jesus Calling, blessed the man, and gave it to my friend at Dunkin Donuts. For those few minutes, the man in that Bookstore thought about the bible, and maybe even God… who knows, maybe he will read one when it comes in!

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