Everything Wrong With The Church In One Picture

So, three things: 1) To be fair, this is not really EVERYTHING wrong with the Church. I am using EVERYTHING hyperbolically. 2) I can’t justify showing the picture (You’ll see why shortly). 3) This may come across as harsh, particularly to those who might participate in some of the mentioned items, but know that I love you : ).

So, what’s this picture? Today I saw a picture on the internet that unfortunately didn’t surprise me. However, it did speak to me. It was a woman’s chest (in a bra) with Jeremiah 29:11 tattooed above her breasts. As the Church has become increasingly “relevant” – aka increasingly worldly, we have lost what it means to follow Christ. This picture serves as a sign of the times. It shows us where we are heading as a Church.

  1. IMMODESTY There is the obvious problem of using God’s word to show off your breasts in a lustful presentation to the world. This represents the Church’s increasingly “me” centered culture that is willing to exploit both Scripture and our bodies to show seek attention. The picture was clearly highlighting her breasts as much as, if not more than, the verse.
  2. INSECURITY This is brings me to the second problem. Insecurity. It is becoming increasingly common to see duck-faced selfies with some inspirational verse underneath it. This trend screams, “Look at me… I mean the verse… I mean… Okay, yes I just want you to like my picture because I’m insecure and posting a verse with my face will make you more likely to ‘like’ me… I mean it…”
  3. VERSES OUT OF CONTEXT The abuse and misrepresentation of Jeremiah 29:11, Philippians 4:13, etc. is rampant and out of control. These verses are written about suffering and hardship. Jeremiah 29:10 essentially promises that everyone in the generation being spoken to will die in captivity and 29:11 is God saying that He still has good plans for your progeny. The problem is that people listen to ear-tickling preachers instead of truth speakers. They read soft devotionals instead of studying how to rightly divide the word for themselves. They don’t read passages, they read verses (and therefore miss the context and meaning of the verses that they do read). FOR MORE LIKE THIS READ “WHY EVERY CHURCH NEEDS TO PRIORITIZE HERMENEUTICS” & “DO YOU HAVE JEREMIAH 29:11 ALL WRONG?
  4. IDEALISTIC EARTHLY POSITIVITY this brings us to the fourth point. This generation is obsessed with the “positive.” We love fluff. We apply all the good to our lives and never accept the reality that hardship is part of life and part of God’s plan for our lives. We look with earthly eyes instead of heavenly eyes. We hear about God’s good plans and promises and translate that as personal health, wealth, and happiness (in the Enlightenment sense).

This generation wants to write God’s word on their chest, but the Bible says to write it on our hearts. This generation is all about the outward appearance (the outer layer, skin deep), but God cares about what is on the inside. To find out why this is happening and what we can do to fix it, check out: THE ANTICHRIST COMMISSION: WHY THE CHURCH IS LOSING GENERATIONS.

WHAT DO YOU THINK? Is our generation crying out for some healthy changes? Leave a comment below and share to get your friends in on the conversation.

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  • John Miller
    Posted at 09:00h, 20 September Reply

    I am with you that there are some major changes that need to happen in the lives of believers, but I am also encouraged that there is a segment of this generation rising up who want that deep content of the gospel, who long to study the word. They’re not the ones with misused verses on their chests 🙂 I think that people soon will be longing for spiritual steak, not milk.

  • JM4Christ
    Posted at 09:06h, 20 September Reply

    I absolutely agree with this! Our society has moved out of rebuke and correction and we are now supposed to be soft and gentle and not talk about harsh truths. We need to start praying for the ear-tickling preachers because they are leading flocks down the road of deception and misconception about Christ and how to worship and obey Him. I wrote a blog called “Hot Air Doesn’t Bring Life” and it talks about the problem with speakers and preachers talking without using the word of God. Check it out on http://www.jacksonmeadows.com!
    Thanks for your honesty and truth! Keep it going!

  • Anita Diane
    Posted at 12:23h, 20 September Reply

    This is a subject that must be addressed again and again. We need to really learn that God values us, He is our maker. Psalm 134:19 KJV 14 I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.

  • Mark
    Posted at 06:19h, 21 September Reply

    Good stuff. So many church clock punches in today’s world.
    We wake up on Sunday’s with the loss of excitement for the joy of hearing truth from God’s word.
    I would love it if someone who actually spoke from the word would challenge someone (no names mentioned) who spoke from half of the word to show that fluff only gets you the pillow, there’s so much more to loving Jesus.

  • Tammy
    Posted at 09:12h, 30 September Reply

    Many Christians send their kids to public schools that teach the absolute opposite of what the Bible teaches, 7 hours per day, 5 days per week, and then expect them to not believe what they are taught and what they live the majority of their waking hours–but to believe what they are taught in church a couple hours per week. This is absurd. Our kids are being trained up in the way they will go! Kids are not mature enough to go into a lions den and be salt and light. They are impressionable and we are responsible for what they are being fed.

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