Ex-Atheist Explains Why Atheists Need Faith Just Like The Rest Of Us

I believe that atheists need faith just like us “religious folk.” To substantiate this claim, it’s important that I clarify what I mean by faith. In this instance, I am using faith as such: Faith is trusting the reliability of something beyond your own capacity to understand it fully (for more on this read: Why This Christian Hates Faith) – in short faith = trust.

With this definition as a starting point, why do we all need faith and how are atheists not exempt? It’s quite simple really. None of us have perfect knowledge or the ability to reason perfectly. Therefore, everyone has to put their faith (trust) in something to make up for their lack of perfect and total knowledge. We all have to put faith in (trust) our own rationality. We all have to put faith (trust) in authorities of some sort – be it teachers, scientists, pastors, parents, friends, or even God. Scientifically, we all have to put faith (trust) in the laws of the universe – just because it worked once, or even a million times, doesn’t guarantee that it will work that way the next time. Therefore, we test things and hold on to what is good – interestingly this is a principle from the New Testament – kind of a simplified scientific method. We do experiments putting our trust in our ability to reason, various authorities, the consistency of the mechanisms of the universe, and much more. There are endless elements that we must trust – regardless of our worldview. 

The idea that religious people have “faith” and irreligious do not have “faith” is little more than a smear campaign that is based on a lie. This results in at least two clear and distinct ways that this lie harms people. One, it encourages the religious to trust blindly without engaging our minds, which, at least for Christians, is not God’s command. Two, it encourages the irreligious to take a prideful stance on their own understanding. Pretending to be strictly rational beings who are so self-sufficient that their worldview is not based on any form of faith, is deceptive and harmful. We all put our faith in something and we would all do well to recognize that and move on to another subject rather than levying attacks on the “faithful.”  

WHAT DO YOU THINK? Do we all put our faith in something? Leave a comment below and share to get your friends in on the conversation.

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  • Anna DINOZZI
    Posted at 01:31h, 24 June Reply

    Every one who’s ever bought a hamburger at a fast food joint,has put their faith in the person who made that burger…?Until the day you bite into a hamburger and find a used bandaid in your mouth!True story,but not mine,just using this example B C I bet Who Ever reads it will prob.think about his next burger,ahh power of sugestion?The point is What is true,how do you go about daily life w/o putting your trust/faith in nothing??It can’t be done,but to know the truth about something is easy, that is if your interested in understanding&finding the COMPLETE FACTS=TRUTH!But the operative word is “UNDERSTANDING”&Many try to reason away truth,but your excusing “the truth”!Excuses are lies wrapped in our own reasoning!TRUTH IS GOD DOESNT CHANGE,TRUTH DOESNT CHANGE(circumstances can change facts,but ehhh,forget it ,if I have to continue to explain, your never going to understand anyway..)So for those WHO DON’T BELIEVE IN JESUS CHRIST,HOW FAR HAVE YOU LOOKED,RESEARCHED,STUDIED?YES STUDIED THE BIBLE,HOW IT CAME TO BEING?Do you believe in George Washington?Why?You know why,many don’t care why ,but you’ll still say you believe B C to say anything other wise, would make you look like a fool,but if someone taught you He was still living today, would you go out of your way to prove them wrong? A living God,invisible but yet we can still know HIM personally,HE Left the TRUTH OF HIS WORD(BIBLE)FOR HUMANITY BC HE LOVES HIS CREATION,And gave us ALL A CHOICE TO KNOW HIM &HAVE ETERNAL LIFE WITH HIM,JOHN 3:3-21~ 1John1:5-10~READ A FEW OF THESE TRUTHS& get a few books of knowledgable proof=Mere Christianity by C.S.Lewis~Chris Townsend,I’m sure has many books to offer you,why don’t ya give TRUTH A CHANCE&LIVE A REAL LIFE OF CHANGE,THAT LASTS LONG AFTER YOUR BODY TURNS BACK TO DUST,,,That’s something worth living for if you choose!Know Jesus,Know God,No Jesus,No God,No Peace! You choose,God is a Gentleman & will never force you to believe ,but the enemy (oh,yes there is an evil side to this TRUTH,ALL WHO KNOW OUR LORD&SAVIOR JESUS,GRIEVE FOR YOU,LOST SOULS,GOD WANTS NOT ONE LOST SOUL=TRUE LOVE LIKE KNOW OTHER)the devil is the FATHER OF LIES,doubt is #1 believing in self #2 your not beloved #3 TRUTH is GOD LOVES YOU,ALWAYS HAS &ALWAYS WILL!HIS TRUTH IS ALL AROUND YOU,IN EVERY GOOD THING!

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