Genderf*ck: The Hidden Agenda to Manipulate the LGBTQ Community And Undermine National Stability


I don’t believe all left-leaning individuals have nefarious intentions in their stance on the LGBTQ community. On the contrary, I believe most left-leaning people are trying to help the LGBTQ community (probably more than many on the right). Also, note that this is not making the medical claim that all gender dysphoria can be attributed to this movement. However, Genderf*ck has intentionally injected ignorance to manipulate people’s good intentions and has harmed the LGBTQ community and the world as a whole. 

How I Discovered Genderf*ck

A few years ago, while working on a masters thesis I was scouring libraries, journals, and search engines for scholarly writing on liberation theology. I was more than a little surprised when I stumbled across an article called Genderf*ck: The Law of the Dildo. This seemed to me a strange title to find in an academic journal. Naturally, I had to see what kind of writing could be so vulgar and yet earn its way into an academic journal.

The article opened with an intentionally graphic depiction of a sexual encounter – for what reason other than shock value I cannot be sure. The rest depicted a bitter and malevolent force against tradition. It was fraught with hatred, violence, and strategic misinformation. This led me down a rabbit trail of discovery. You see, this was not just a singular article that I had stumbled across. This was a massive, subversive movement that had been going on for decades. Here is what I discovered.

What Exactly Is Genderf*ck?

As an off-chute of the sexual revolution and (I’m guessing based on chronology) second-wave feminism, Genderf*ck is a movement designed to “f*ck with people’s understanding of gender roles.” You heard that correctly, the aim is to confuse people’s understanding of gender. This is not my opinion. This is how the movement describes itself.


Hopefully you are wondering the same thing I wondered when I first stumbled across this concept: “Why would someone want to do this to people? What on earth would make someone want to intentionally confuse people’s sexuality?” The answer came as I continued to read: disdain for traditional patriarchal systems. Here is an excerpt from the original article (which by the way was written nearly 25 years ago) that I had stumbled first upon: “To revolt outright against patriarchy is to affirm its authority. To righteously confront it is to see patriarchy as a monolithic whole free of contradiction and more powerful than it is. Such righteousness means denial that patriarchy is part of us, and thus forces us to define ourselves in contrast to. Better to acknowledge patriarchy and undermine from within, gently erode, recognize discrepancies, play with the rules, the language and the symbols, and let the play itself rob them of their terrifying power.”

So What’s the Problem?

While some individuals may be more concerned with policing nations, many of us, legitimately care about the LGTBQ community as well as nations at large. If we are truly emulating Christ, then we should want what is best for them as well as society as a whole.

Genderf*ck does not care about the LGBTQ community or society as a whole. This is an agenda-driven, destructive movement which preys on people’s confusion to accomplish its goals. Genderf*ck is little more than open rebellion. It rebels against gender roles and traditional sexuality. At the same time, it is often a form of “social activism.” This means that instead of simply rebelling personally, proponents of this movement often entice others to rebel – some refer to this as Gender Terrorism. “Gender terrorism as exhibited through Genderf*ck and transitional gender misidentification uses tactics of discomfort and fear to deconstruct not only binaries of male/female or masculine/feminine essentialism but also the binary of ignorance/knowledge. Hear that again. It intentionally promotes ignorance so that it can manipulate the ignorant.

This methodology is a destructive response. Healthy revolutions address issues head-on and seek to build something better. Unhealthy rebellions manipulate passive-aggressively and care more about destroying existing systems than building better ones. This response is childish, manipulative, and dangerous. It cares little for the countless victims that will, and have already, become confused about their sexuality. It prays on confusion and chaos and seeks only to breakdown tradition. What rises from the ashes is little concern to these advocates. As mentioned, this methodology is destructive, not constructive. It destroys and does not build.

Simply put, the goal is confusion. Genderf*ck is not seeking to fix or construct something, but rather to destroy something – and it doesn’t care who it harms in the process. It is not seeking to help people respond to their sexuality in a healthy way, but rather to confuse people’s sexuality. It is open rebellion to traditional sexuality.  However, rather than seeking to reasonably address issues of contention, Genderf*ck seeks to create a chaotic revolution with no intention of maintaining order.  Nevertheless, somehow this “freedom from traditional sexuality” is marketed as a humane project with benevolent intentions. Masquerading as philanthropic, Genderf*ck contains no restrictions.  Its sole goal is to destroy the status quo of sexuality(and gender) in the most subversive, sadistic way possible, without constraint. The epitome of hypocritical moral relativism, Genderf*ck acknowledges no “right.” It only calls traditionalism wrong. The result is generations of lost and confused individuals screaming passionately for something they do not understand. Millions of individuals have been influenced by this agenda.  This movement has capitalized on adolescent confusion, sexual uncertainty, and blatant disregard for integrity.  The results are astonishing. Stop for a moment and look around you. Witness the collateral damage – yes, the culture war and its divisiveness, but also the individuals who have been used without care as pawns for this seditious agenda.

What Can You Do

Here are  list of actions that can help us respond in love and truth to the LGBTQ community: Gag Order On The Church

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  • Georgia Doyle
    Posted at 10:56h, 14 May Reply

    Thank you, I had only recently heard about this Gender F thing, and wasn’t quite sure it’s exact goal. .I appreciate your commentary on this and information.. 🙂

    • admin
      Posted at 15:19h, 18 May Reply

      Hey Georgia. Absolutely. Glad it helps. It’s a very difficult situation people are being put in. Lots of hurting people, many of whom don’t understand the manipulation that is going on!

  • Lidiya Selwood
    Posted at 07:41h, 17 October Reply

    Thank you for an enlightening article! When I read this, things suddenly made sense. My kids are “Millenials”. I was fortunate to live in a more traditional community when my children were small. The local university expanded and began providing very leftist/liberal “teachers”. When they entered middle school a new curriculum was introduced with “Family Life Education” as a new subject. Parents had the right to “Opt Out”, which I did. The kids whose parents refused permission were singled out for attention; sent to the library to do research on health issues; and ostracized in subtle (and not so subtle) ways. I noticed definite changes in my children’s classmates by the time they entered high school. The girls became sexualized, the boys fell into two groups — androgenous/confused; or macho/crude. I thought it was just a “phase”. In recent years, through social media, I’ve learned how many of my kid’s classmates “became” LGBT … an inordinate number! These were kids from normal traditional families who were ripped apart by this phenomenon. Thanks for helping me understand. I’m praying hard for salvation for not just the USA but the whole world. People need the Lord Jesus Christ!

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