How to Win the Battle Against Secularism

*This article is part of a series. The previous two articles can be found here: DEAR YOUTH LEADERS, PLEASE DROP THE POP CULTURE REFERENCES and THE MORAL OF THE STORY: THE HIDDEN MESSAGE YOU ARE MISSING IN MEDIA

The Conundrum

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, secularism is winning the culture wars – and winning is a considerable understatement. So what do we do? How do we respond? As parents, as pastors, as professors, how should we steward our responsibility of guiding generations through a secular world.

Historical Response

Historically, the Church seems to err on one of two extremes. Either we create no boundaries, validating and promoting secular productions and therefore secular ideals in the process. Promotion of secular products and ideals generally produces secularized individuals. Or, we shelter people in fear to the point that they are unaware of the world around them. When the sheltered bubble finally bursts, the world generally turns into Satan’s playground. The unaware, ill-equipped individual is often bitter, resentful, and totally unprepared for the temptations of the world. Hiding people away from secular products and ideals generally produces the same thing that promoting secular ideals do. You can’t hide your loved ones from these things forever.

So It’s Lose-Lose? That’s It?

Not so fast! Thinking that we only have two choices is a false dichotomy. A third option exists and it may have the power to save generations! Rather than protecting from or promoting for secular entertainment, we can begin preparing them to critically analyze these various messages.

Imagine this. You are a pastor or a parent. One of your children is about to go to college. In the previous model, your child is one of two things. Either they are heavily secularized themselves, or they are totally sheltered from secularism and have no idea what they are about to get themselves into. Under this third option, your child is aware of various worldviews, aware of the power of media and is capable of discovering, critically analyzing, and responding to subversive and misleading messages. They are not a mindless drone of the secular agenda. And they are not a naive lamb being fed to the wolves. They are now wise as serpents and gentile as doves – capable of battling back against the gates of hell with all their mind, all their soul, and all their heart! 

Imagine if your child (or student) was actually prepared to stand up to peer and professorial pressure with formidable knowledge, wisdom, and character.

The Challenge

We are generations deep in ignorance. Most of us have not been trained how to do critical analysis. Most of us are the product of a system that has intentionally stupefied us so that it can feed us whatever it wants. This creates for us a difficult situation. How can I give my children something that I don’t even really have myself? Don’t worry! The next two articles in this series will have you well on the way through “5 Steps to Master the Art of Exposing Hidden Messages in Media” and “How to Reveal 5 Anti-Christian Philosophies that You Have Already Bought Into.”

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