DONALD TRUMP IS BEING SUED FOR COMMENTS MADE IN THE FIRST PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE AGAINST HILLARY CLINTON. During last night’s debate Donald Trump made several references to “Law & Order.” It turns out that he wasn’t allowed to use those terms as they are trademarked by none other than Chuck Norris. Resurrecting a previous lawsuit from the 90s, superstar Chuck Norris is now suing The Donald for trademark infringement on his two legs – Law and Order. It should be noted that Norris won against NBC during the 90s. This means that in addition to having Law and Order on his side, Norris also has the advantage of judicial precedence.


– UPDATE: In an interesting turn of events, The Donald is countersuing Norris for having better hair.


– UPDATE: NBC is launching a full-scale investigation into the disappearance of Lester Holt. Sources close to NBC say that the media execs are crying conspiracy theory and believe that somehow Norris was involved. Witnesses say that the Trump Train was seen performing a hit and run on the dearly departed Holt. Trump and Norris have dropped their suits against one another and are now going after NBC for slander. Good luck NBC. Our prayers go out to the Holt family.

– Clinton was unavailable for comments apparently due to a mild spell of overheating.

*In case it’s not painfully obvious, this is just a joke. I am not making any political statements with this post. Just trying to lighten the mood for a change of pace. Share the article to trick your friends.

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