4 Reasons Why you need to be intentional about where you spend your money

1) The Church Has Incredible Influence Through Its Purchasing Power

Church-going Christians in the US alone spend roughly $443 Billion (with a “B”) per year. That is nearly 15 times the amount the United Nations estimates the cost to end world hunger ($30 Billion annually). That is an incredible purchasing power. Where you sow your seeds matters!

2) Every Business Has a Mission Vision and Values. When You Spend with Them you fund that mission, vision, and values.

For example, If you wouldn’t donate money to a nonprofit that performs abortion, why would you spend your money with a corporation that donate money, lobbies with/for, and generally approves of/promotes abortion?

3) It’s where the bulk of your money goes.

Even if you are a double tither, you are still giving 80% of your income to various for-profit’s mission, vision, and values. That means that 80% of your income is funding the mission, vision, and values of corporations. Do you know what values you are funding?

4) Corporations Are the Real Ones Discipling Nations

See (12 Ways the Companies You Support Shape and Disciple Nations)

  • Larry Morrow
    Posted at 09:57h, 30 April Reply

    I agree with your posts about doing business with companies that support abortions, but, the problem is, how do we find out these things about them? I probably buy things, attend events, and support businesses and agencies in a lot of areas that even support unchristian things and they don’t even know it. Where does it all end though? How can we be sure? If we need a particular service or product, how can we know if that company supports things we are not wiling to support from our own finances? Where do we draw the line? I know killing babies is not what I would support, and I want to do the right things before my Lord. I just don’t have the knowledge and it seems many Christians don’t either, about many companies we have to do business with right now. Sometimes there are no other choices either. God help us.

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