Ekklesia Rising: The Organization Formerly Known As Church


As the world boils in chaos, God’s people scour the Earth in search of healing. Over the past several millennia, Christ’s body has taken on the name, identity, and practices of what is now known as the Church. Sadly, this word, as well as what it often represents, falls dangerously short of its potential. For all of its glory, the Church is broken, battered, and in need of restoration.The Great Commission commands, “Make disciples of all nations.” However, the Church is hemorrhaging believers. We, the Church, are not successfully discipling nations. Some studies suggest that as many as three people are leaving the Church, for every one person that joins [in the USA]. Discipleship is a cultural mandate and, without cultural influence, one cannot hope to disciple nations. Thankfully, God’s Word contains hidden truths and strategies that are, at this very moment, being revealed throughout creation. This book highlights a Biblical blueprint for reconciling Christ’s glorious organization – the Ekklesia. This book is the first step toward demystifying the increasingly popular term “Ekklesia.” It is the first step toward the healing of God’s people and the cultural transformation of the world.

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