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In the recent VP debate abortion was brought up as part of the religious discussion. As I discuss elsewhere I think this is a terrible mistake. Christians should stop treating abortion as a religious argument. You don’t need to invoke God’s name to justify a pro-life position – in fact, doing so is harmful. In any case, Christianity does have a great deal to say about abortion and there is one piece of information that I think is particularly relevant and in need of addressing.

*The following is an excerpt adapted from the short book Abandoning Abortion: My Journey From Pro-Choice to Pro-Life and Why You Should Make the Switch. The segment is entitled “What I Want You To Know.”


The most important thing Christianity has to say about abortion is not that abortion is wrong. Don’t misunderstand me, I am vehemently pro-life, though that wasn’t always the case. As the rest of the book explains, science clearly shows that a new, genetically unique life is created during fertilization. As such, abortion is, by definition, a premeditated homicide – the ending of a human life by another human. Contrary to popular commentary, it is not technically (from an legislative perspective) murder – as murder implies illegal, and abortion is not illegal in the United States.  These are cold, hard facts – the validation for which can be found in the above-mentioned book. But there is something else that I want to share with you – something that is ultimately even more important. 

The Main Point

I am against abortion, but I am not against people who have had an abortion. This may seem confusing and it may be difficult to distinguish between my condemnation of abortion and my lack of condemnation of those who have had an abortion. To understand how this is possible, you must understand that I am approaching this all from a decidedly Christian perspective. While my Christianity has some bearing on my opinion about abortion, that same Christianity has a greater impact on my opinion about the mothers, fathers, and even doctors who have chosen to participate in abortion. In fact, it is science that tells me abortion is condemnable and Christianity that tells me not to condemn those who have had an abortion. In the event that you have not been told, foundational to Christianity is the doctrine of salvation (formally known as soteriology). While an in-depth discussion of salvation doctrine is beyond the scope of this book, a simple explanation will suffice for now and here it is: Jesus Christ offers forgiveness to everyone.

There is no sin too great for the forgiveness of God. If you are capable of believing in such a forgiving God, then this is certainly the best offer you can ever hope to receive. That is why it is called the Gospel, which literally means “good news.” Even if you have participated in killing your own child, knowingly or unknowingly, even if you are a doctor who has performed thousands of abortions, God offers you forgiveness. But the offer does not just stop at forgiveness. Most theologians would agree, that God offers you a hope to know your child in heaven. You must simply accept that forgiveness and follow Christ.

For some, this is immensely difficult. For me, it was exceedingly simple. Once I believed in God, I knew full well how awful I had been, how much harm I had done to people, and how deserving I was of judgment. Perhaps I am a bit of a self-protecting pragmatist, but the moment I heard someone mention forgiveness, I hopped on the forgiveness train without a second thought. I had never heard an offer so good. A chance to be forgiven, to know God now and into eternity, is the greatest offer anyone could ask for. God wants you to know that NO SIN IS TOO GREAT. Isaiah 1:18 tells us, “Come now, let us reason together, says the LORD: though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall become like wool.” God offers you forgiveness. I want you to know this, because it has changed my life. I want you to know this, because I want you to know that I am truly not condemning you, but I do want to prevent future pain and save lives, so I will fight to educate you about the realities of abortion. Above all, whether you have been complicit in abortion or not, there is forgiveness available for ANY wrong that you have done.

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    beautifully put!

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      Thanks Trevor!

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